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since 11/22/2016

   Welcome Back LDS Tigers!!!! 

        To those of you just joining LDS we would like to extend our warmest wishes to you and welcome you to our “family”.   For those of you returning we thank you for all of your support last year and we hope that this will be another wonderful year for both you and your child(ren).

          The LDS PTO is a non-profit organization made up of parents, teachers, and administrators who are all committed to working together to provide support for both educational and extracurricular needs, promote a positive, open communication between staff & parents, encourage school spirit & pride and most of all enhance the educational experience of our children.

             This summer we have been working hard to plan events that will make this year a terrific one not only for our students but our staff and parents as well. We hope that you will join us for our annual Trunk or Treat/Book Fair and Winter Village, which will lead us into our holiday season with festivities for both the young and the young at heart.  And what would our winter be without our Winter Enrichment program. These just name a few of the events that both you and your child can join us at.

        We are able to offer these wonderful services to our students all because of the generosity of our LDS parents who support our fundraising efforts such as School Store, Box Tops, Clothing Drive, Ladies Night Out, Men’s Golf Outing and so much more.  It is because of these fundraiser that we are able to enhance our children’s learning experience by providing classrooms with Chrome carts, I-pads, and books and magazines.  We are also able to help fund many exciting before and after school programs such as intramurals, performing arts and computer clubs.

      All of this would not be possible without the many parents who volunteer their time and efforts to make Laura Donovan the wonderful school it is.  We look forward to meeting parents who would like to get involved and join our PTO this year.  Whether you can spare an hour, a week or a month your time and talent will make a difference and help us make this a great year for LDS!!

With Warmest Regards,

                           Your 2017-2018 Executive Board    

Corey Varela –President                            

Lori LaManna –1st VicePresident                             

Jodi Marinich –2nd Vice President                            

Barbara Weiss –Treasurer                                   

Erica Sciarra- Co-Secretary                      

Michelle Hayes- Co- Secretary



When doing your online Holiday Shopping please consider supporting our school by making purchases through . Please be sure to enter Laura Donovan. A portion of all purchases will be donated back to the school. Happy Shopping!Online Shopper Picture

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